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Debra R. Napier, MBA, EA, CAA

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Foreign buyers and sellers of U.S. real property interests must have a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for withholding purposes and for FIRPTA reporting.  If foreign investors are your sweet spot, then it's time to consider a holistic approach to serve them better and set your firm apart today.  

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

Crush the Competition!

Certifying original documents on-site helps nonresidents seamlessly buy or sell U.S. property interests. 



Improve your brand by partnering with a CAA authorized by the IRS to assist nonresidents who have a U.S. tax filing requirement but no social security number. These transactions are complex enough. Having a professional CAA on-site to obtain and renew ITIN applications, file required U.S. returns, and certify original documents speeds up the transfer and makes it appear seamless. Your clients are better served and you add value by consolidating the processes and lessening the burden for all.

What can an on-site CAA do?

Reciprocal Advisors

Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA)


40% credit for your best clients

We'll apply 40% of the ITIN application fee to offset the cost to prepare any of the following tax returns (optional).

13 acceptable documents to prove identity and foreign status*

  1. Passport (stand alone document)**
  2. National identification card (w/photo, name, current address, date of birth, expiration date)
  3. U.S. driver's license
  4. Civil birth certificate (dependents under age 18)
  5. Foreign driver's license
  6. U.S. state identification card
  7. Foreign voter's registration card
  8. U.S. military identification card
  9. Foreign military identification card
  10. Visa
  11. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) photo identification
  12. Medical records (dependents under age 6)
  13. School records (dependents under age 14; under age 18 for students)

*Must be current and have an expiration date. If no expiration date normally issued, then document must be issued within 12 months of ITIN application date.

**The IRS no longer accepts passports for DEPENDENTS as stand-alone ID without a date of entry stamp into the U.S., unless from Canada or Mexico, or dependents of U.S. military personnel overseas. The following documents are required to prove U.S. residency for all other dependents with passports without required date of entry stamp:

How Do I Book An On-Site CAA?

To maintain the exclusive nature of this offering, on-site appointments are available within a one-hour drive of our central location in Hunter's Creek. I cover Osceola, Orange, and Seminole Counties.  Appointments are available all year first-come, first-served. The expectation of the CAA is that an ITIN application will be taken on every scheduled appointment, no exceptions. You are advised to reschedule within 24 hours if circumstances change. The scheduling firm is billed $75 payable upon demand for each no-show. Otherwise, there is $0 out-of-pocket to book up to five (4) 1-hour appointments per week.

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Dowload a free brochure about this amazing add-on for your nonresident owners and investors at $0 cost to your firm. 

"Our title company closes lots of foreign transactions in this part of FL. Having direct access to Debra is my best kept secret. A real pro. Keep up the good work" 
-Anita Welch,  Sr. Title Administrator

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